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Memes have become so important part of our lives. These days every brand wants to market their products through these funny memes. This is because memes are more likely to go viral on the internet. Memes are funny in nature and people on social media love these memes and they share these memes with their friends, hence they get viral. It is said that the reach of memes is increased a lot in recent years. Brands use memes to make their product market in the different type of audience.

Here at LADnow, we focus mainly to bring some of the best memes which are trending on different social networks to our audience so that they don’t have to go elsewhere. We upload many different types of memes and we have memes article for every occasion.

The life of a meme is very short as there are millions of meme templates already shared on the internet. But only a few of them are very popular and even though they are old, they are still popular. Some of the popular memes are Drake meme, success kid meme and more.