Who doesn’t love Fridays? Friday is one of the best days in the entire week. Now we know that we don’t have to work tomorrow and we can be lazy all day long. Everyone is waiting for the weekend to come so that they go for a small vacation or do something they love or just spend some quality time with their loved ones. It’s a break from work and work is really exhausting. Friday is just the beginning of the weekend and there are full Saturday and Sunday following. Friday memes are about those feelings inside us which we get whenever the weekend arrives. There Friday memes are not just for people who are working full time, but these are relatable for everyone.

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Whenever it’s Friday night, people can not have alcohol. Friday nights are the best night to have tequila shots the full night, as we know, no office tomorrow. Not only employees love Fridays, but even students also love Fridays as they get their break from school and colleges. All this apart, the real excitement when Friday comes is too high. In short, we can say that Friday feeling is completely opposite to Monday feeling.

#TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday)

As soon as Friday comes people start to stock their liquor in the fridge for the weekends. But do you know what sucks? Working late on Friday night. sometimes there is extra work and toy need to fill in and you have to voluntarily work so it spoils our Friday night. But the best feeling is when you leave from work on Friday night and now you know that there is no work left anymore and you can finally party with your friends. Believe it or not but everyone in our office is in a great mood on Friday morning as they know that the weekend is waiting for them. People can’t wait for this day to be over. They discuss their weekend plans and few even make plans with each other during lunch time. The love for Friday is so popular on social media that there is a popular hashtag #TGIF (Thank god, its Friday). This hashtag is used by many people every week. Not everyone is party freak and extrovert, some people spend their weekends at home only sleeping and binge-watching Netflix the whole day. They think that the real fun is to sleep all weekend and do no work. That’s also fun and we all want sometimes to sleep and be in our pajamas all day.

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Why people just love Happy Friday memes?

Friday memes are so relatable that everyone loves it. These memes are about those situations where you are just smiling think of the whole weekend or thinking about spending the whole day with our girlfriend/boyfriend or combinations of popcorn and Netflix. Friday memes are filled with excitement. These Friday memes are so accurate and funny at the same time that you will definitely share these memes with your colleagues.

Here are some of the funniest happy Friday memes that you will love to check and show this to your friends and colleagues.

1. It’s Friday & I am feeling good.

No Bullshit Friday

2. It’s Friday


3. To-do List

what to do on Friday


Finally friday

5. Dear Lord

Just another friday meme

6. Big Deal

Friday is a big deal


Liver's work week

8. It’s Time

Time to drink my own piss

9. It’s FLYDAY

Friday for kids

10. Oh Yeah Man

Friday meme

11. Welcome Back

Welcome Back


Excited for friday

13. Leaving Work On Friday

friday got me like

14. Really ?

drinking since monday

15. Paycheck on Friday

paycheck time

16. Working Weekend

work saturday

17. Friday Fun

friday fun

18. Atleast

snowy friday

19. SAD

happy friday

20. Everday is Friday

Everyday is fun

21. GOOD

No Bullshit today

22. Friday In Morgan Freeman Voice

Morgan Freeman

23. Friday 13th

Friday 13th

24. Waking up on Friday

Waking up on Friday

25. Geometrically


26. Laugh until you snort


27. F Word

F Word

28. Leaving work on friday like

Leaving on friday like

29. Making memes

Making memes

30. Expectations vs Reality

Friday night Expectations vs Reality meme

31. YESS!

It's Friday

32. Yay!

Phone stuck on vibrate

33. This Week Killed Me

Glad it's weekend time

34. WTF


35. Glad


36. Friday Dinner

Friday Dinner

37. Hard Friday

Relaxing Friday Night

38. Time to make Stories for Monday

Stories for monday

39. 99 Problems

No problems till monday

40. BABY



Sheldon Cooper explaining friday

42. Working Friday


43. Friday Vs Monday

Monday Work Face

44. Thursday Halftime


45. You There

You There Friday!

46. She doesn’t normally do this


47. Did Someone Say Friday?

Did Someone Say Friday?

48. Thank God It’s Friday

Thank God

49. That look on your face

That look on your face

50. This is My Friday Face

This is My Friday Face

51. Monday Vs Friday

Monday Vs Friday

52. Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th

53. Wait, Sorry

Wait, Sorry

54. Weekend Loading

Weekend Loading

55. What are you going to do with your Friday?

What are you going to do with your Friday?




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