Love is one of those feeling which everyone experiences and we have to express love with the people who are close to us especially our life partner, girlfriend or boyfriend. Now people tell each other I love you all the time but now it’s becoming quite boring as we are repeatedly using this sentence from years and there is no innovation there. If you don’t want to be that boring person than we have some funniest I love you memes which you can send to the love of your life and be funny at the same time. These love memes will definitely bring a smile on the face of the receiver as they were used to the traditional way of wishing “I love you” and now you made this funny. We have collected some of the best I love you memes for her & him which you can use in your daily life. These I love you memes are not only for lovers but friends, families, wife & husband can also use these memes to express their love in a funny way (or you can say modern way). These I love you memes are popular now that you can always find tons of memes available always.

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Love Memes For Shy People

Guys who are shy in nature and doesn’t know how to propose to his girl, then these memes help a lot in expressing their feelings. Many times we are guilty that we have proposed the love of our lives in a very shy and awkward way and you can’t undo it. Some of these love you memes are created for exact awkward moments which you and your love will definitely relate. It’s not like only girls love these funny love memes but guys love it equally.

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Are I Love You Memes Romantic?

If your partner likes humor and is not a very serious type then love memes are in fact more romantic as these memes bring laughter and love kind of feeling in another person. If you are far from your partner then also you can send these memes to show them that how much you miss them with these memes. Nowadays people tag their partners in the comments section of Instagram and facebook just as a reminder about how much they love you whenever any love meme is posted by any account. Many Girls have admitted socially too that they love when their boyfriend do cute things like sending some meme to show their love.

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1. I love you more than cookies

2. My world!


3. I Love you

4. Like no otter

5. I mean it

6. In Weeks

 7. I Can’t hold it in.

Inner peace

8. I love you very much

9. The ways I love you

10. Just wanted to let you know

11. Loving you is fun

12. Sorry! But I Love You

13. Facebook Wall


15. Stole my heart

16. Something Happened

17. Dear Love of my Life

18. Did you just fart?

19. Distant Person

20. Me Flirting


22. Love for Cake

23. Is your body from McDonald’s?

24. Beer Talking

25. Dumb Shit you do

26. Banana Love

27. I just want you

28. my love and affection

29. How to get the girl of your dreams?

30. Hang up!

31. I love you enough to send you memes and sexts

32. More than cupcakes.

33. She’s my happy ending

34. Do you know that ?

35. He’s annoying the shit out of you


37. I will hold my farts in for you

38. No Lie

39. The best kind of love

40. That’s not very much

41. I love you to the moon and back

42. I’d say, heart

43. Don’t sing

44. Yes

45. Just in case no one told you today

46. How to prove your love

47. Just called to say

48. Alternative responses to I Love You

49. I just popped up to say

50. Love is in the air

51. I am afraid to lose you

52. Stinky farts

53. Guy in Blue

54. iPhone-Samsung Relationship

55. Types of love

56. I wanna do you

57. Each day

58. Really horny



Heart aches

61. Life is short and confusing

62. Alternative responses

63. Sugar is sweet

64. Thank you zoned

65. Had to make her laugh

66. This is how women work

67. I am not perfect

68. Wait!

69. True story


Don’t stop and give any reason to yourself that why you shouldn’t send these I love you memes to your sweet love. you should always find different ways to tell I love you to your partner to maintain the excitement between you and these memes are very helpful for you.


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