Global Singer Miley Cyrus is restricted from going to China after she posted a ‘racist photograph’ via web-based networking media with her companion.

As indicated by NME, she was prohibited in 2009 when she was posturing with a group of her companions and utilizing her fingers to ‘influence her eyes to look inclined’.

The Hannah Montana star was compelled to apologize saying she was simply ‘goofing around’.

Here’s the photograph being referred to:


The legislature likewise restricted any telecast of her TV show, movies or offers of her merchandise.

When this incident happened, Chinese Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi said:

Miss Cyrus has made clear that she is no companion of China or anybody of East Asian plummet. We have no interest in additionally dirtying our kids’ minds with her American ignorance.


Subsequent to being slated for the photograph, she composed on her official site:

I’ve been educated there are a few people disturb concerning a few pictures brought to me with companions making silly faces! Indeed, I’m sad if those individuals took a look at those pics and took them wrong and outside the realm of relevance. I am no way ridiculing any ethnicity.


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